By becoming a member of the Club, you accept the following rules:

1. One of the central tenets of the Club is a respectful attitude towards all its members. All Club members must treat each other without bias or prejudice, regardless of race, ethnicity, nationality, and religion.
2. Each class will start exactly at a scheduled time. We encourage our students to be on time and log-in at least 5 minutes before the start of the class.
3. If the student is late, any missed material is re-taught at the discretion of the teacher.
4. Students should be prepared for the lesson and have all the materials they need for the experience. A list of prerequisites will be provided when booking a course.
5. Classes are held in a group format. The format of a course determines the maximum number of participants in a group. If 1 person signed up for the lesson, then the duration of the lesson will be 45 minutes.
6. To promote immersion and facilitate free-flowing interaction of the child with the rest of the group, we do not recommend parents attend the lesson. In case you decide to observe the lesson, try to do so discreetly.
7. Booking a class is your confirmation of your intention to attend the class, so we will expect you at the appointed time. You have the option of canceling for a full refund of the class at least 12 hours before the start of the class. Otherwise, the funds are not refundable.
8. In case of unforeseen circumstances, the administrator of the Club can cancel a class with a notification to the participants who have booked a lesson by e-mail with an option to re-book for another class or a refund.
9. If, for any reason, the class is rescheduled, the parents of the students will receive a notification by e-mail. In case of a conflicting schedule, the booking of the lesson can be postponed to a more suitable time, while maintaining the general conditions for cancellation and refund. Applications for transferring a lesson or canceling a booking are accepted by e-mail or through the “My Account”.
10. If the change in schedule creates an unavoidable scheduling conflict preventing a student from attending classes, the payment for unused classes may be refunded upon request.
11. In order to protect personal data and safety, the student should not share personal information (e.g. address, phone number, e-mail, nicknames in social networks and games, etc.) about themselves.
12. We do not allow photo and video filming of classes without the consent of the Club administrator and the parents of our students.12

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