Every teacher at RuKidsClub must follow these rules:

1. A real teacher must instill in students respect for others, to be humane and fair.
2. The teacher should never forget that his behavior is the standard that students are modeling.
3. The mentor’s image must be impeccable. Only a person who lives following generally accepted moral values has the right to teach others.
4. Respect for students is one of the virtues of a true teacher. They will always find an approach to students and will be able to engage them in a subject.
5. The teacher’s speech should be rich and beautiful. There is no room for profanity and statements that offend other people.
6. In the most difficult situations, the teacher must remain impartial and patient.
7. The mentor cannot tolerate the humiliation of the dignity of any student on any grounds, and instill a rejection of such behavior in all students.
8. The manifestation of an equal, impartial, and respectful attitude towards all students is one of the most important characteristics of a teacher’s behavior.
9. Any teacher’s questions must be fair and unbiased.
10. A real teacher must instill in their students such qualities as independence, responsibility, and teamwork.
11. The teacher should become a powerful motivator for students, inspiring them by personal example to learn new things.
12. The teacher must evaluate the work of students fairly and impartially.
13. We value when the teacher takes the initiative.
14. The teacher and the parents of students should show respect for each other’s opinions and jointly find ways for the most interesting and convenient form of presenting information to students.
15. The mentor should not disseminate information entrusted to them by the student. There are only a few cases where such disclosure is permissible.