Very simple! In the upper right corner of the site, click the “Join the club” button and register. It’s completely free.

All our activities are divided into four categories: educational, recreational, sports, creative. This is done to make it easier to navigate in a large number of lessons. You can see the lesson category inside the lesson card. You can also filter activities by category in the Our Activities menu and choose what interests your child.

Each lesson states the level of Russian proficiency needed for an effective lesson. This allows for a welcoming and encouraging environment where both the instructor and the children feel comfortable.

Here is a detailed explanation of each level. These can be found under “Russian Language Level” in “Our Classes”
Beginner – children who neither understand nor speak Russian.
Basic – children who understand, but do not speak Russian.
Medium – children understands and speaks intermediately.
Advanced – children who are fluent.
Free- children can speak fluently on any topic and are proficient in reading and writing.

Open the “Schedule” section and select a convenient date, time and the desired lesson in the calendar.

You can also book a lesson in the section “Our lessons”. To do this, select a lesson from the list, go to the lesson card, select a date and click the “Book” button.

In the lesson card on the “Details” tab, the recommended age of the child and the level of Russian language proficiency are indicated. This will help you choose exactly the lesson that will be interesting and useful to your child at one or another stage of language learning.

After booking a lesson, an email will be sent to your email specified during registration with all the necessary instructions for attending a lesson.

You can see the list of past and future classes in your Personal Account in the “Reservations” section.

We want to make the booking process as easy as possible. Instead of entering your card details each time to pay for the lesson, you can top up the Wallet for any amount and indicate when booking classes that you want to write off money from the Wallet.

You can top up your Wallet in your Personal Account after you join the club.

You can request a refund of unused funds at any time by writing your request to email with the subject line “Refund of funds from the Wallet”.

You can cancel or reschedule your reservation 12 hours before your class. This can be done in your Personal Account in the “Reservations” section (if the lesson has not yet taken place), or by writing an email to with the subject line “Cancellation of booking” (in any other cases).

You can find more detailed conditions for canceling / postponing classes in the Public Offer Agreement and in the Club Rules.

To get a refund, write to a letter with the subject “Refund”, or leave a request in your Personal Account in the “Reservations” section.

Refunds are made in accordance with the Club Rules and the Public Offer Agreement.

When joining the club, each new member of the club receives a free lesson. A promotional code for accessing it will come to your email along with a welcome letter. If you have not received this email, please check your Spam folder.

You can find information on current discounts and offers in the “Cost” section.

When you book a lesson, you will receive an email containing a link to the ZOOM platform where online lessons take place. If you have not used this platform before, then we ask you to test the possibility of connecting to Zoom in advance. To do this, you need to register on the website, download the program, and also make sure you get into the waiting room (if you test the link in advance).

5 minutes before the appointed time, we ask you to connect your child to the lesson. When entering, be sure to indicate the name of the child for whom you booked the lesson.

If you change the schedule, you will receive a corresponding letter, and your reservation will be postponed to the new date and time. If you do not agree with the new date and time, you can cancel or postpone the lesson, in accordance with the rules of our club.